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Grand Central Barter is proud to be Tennessee’s ONLY trading association recognized as a member of BOTH NATE – National Association of Trade Exchanges and IRTA – International Reciprocal Trade Association.

grand:  /’ɡrænd/

Involving or including many people or things;
very large in scope; having an impressive result.

central:  /’sentrəl/

At the center —easily accessible; of primary importance; connecting separate entities.

barter:  /‘bärtər/

To exchange products and/or services; to create and utilize non-traditional revenue.

Grand Central Barter is a Nashville barter company, specializing in business-to-business trading and corporate barter. Our trade exchange manages a barter network to facilitate the trading of goods and services among its members. Through the Grand Central Barter network, companies can able to barter excess inventory and services in exchange for the products & services they need – allowing them to conserve cash and capital resources.

Grand Central Barter is proud to be Tennessee’s only barter & trade exchange recognized as a member of both NATE (the National Association of Trade Exchanges) and IRTA (the International Reciprocal Trade Association).

Members of our exchange are able to trade directly with hundreds of other trade and barter exchanges worldwide using BANC (the digital currency of NATE) and UC (the exchange currency of IRTA). Just as your trade dollars allow you to exchange goods and services with our members, Grand Central Barter uses BANC and UC to connect our members with 100,000 other businesses in exchanges worldwide.

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Grand Central Barter is a proud sponsor of the 2017 Italian Lights Festival! Italian Lights is a 4-Day Festival & Street Fair in Bicentennial Mall. This year, the festival is throwing the biggest Eclipse Party in Nashville for the 2017 Music City Eclipse! Nashville is the largest city in the path of total darkness, so huge crowds are expected to watch the Eclipse pass through the various stages of darkness from the Italian Lights Eclipse Party. Learn more about the Nashville Solar Eclipse Party and the Italian Lights Festival.

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